50+ inch high end smart TV’s in living room and bedroom. Kitchen completely equipped. You name it – it’s there, including a top washer dryer. More equipment then you find in a 3 star Michelin kitchen. Dimmer lights everywhere. Nice luxury touches.

The beds are better than those in the suites of the top class 5 star hotels elsewhere in Europe that usually cost more per night than this apartment for a week. Super comfortable sofa in living room. You’re almost afraid to sit on it – it’s that nice. The owners have gone out of their way to make these the undisputed No. 1 apartments in Varna, and it shows.

The owners have brought in their Dutch creative high end design skills, and using the finest materials simply turned their ideas into reality. I’ve stayed in many high end hotels around Europe, as well as many luxury apartments over the past 20 years. Any other hotel or apartment owner reading this, please go and visit this place and learn from them! And then try to copy them.

Can this be bettered anywhere else? I doubt it! Unless the owners open a place elsewhere. Conclusion. If you are ever in Varna look no further!

I rest my case.